Botellas metalizadas - Vriaza



Aluminium coating, unique shine

The Metallising treatment using aluminium coating is the only one that transfers a real metallic look to glass bottles and packaging. It achieves a special shine that is impossible duplicate with other techniques and, in addition, provides the packaging with a high degree of opacity.

Vriaza is the only company in southern Spain with the machinery and personnel qualified to carry out Metallising treatment on glass bottles and packaging.

Botellas metalizadas - Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)
Mateado, satinado de botellas y envases de vidrio - Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)



Affordable, durable and Premium quality

Satinising is the finish that best transmits the product’s exclusivity and quality to the final customer.

This treatment is the only one that lends a really frosty look and the capability of showing the interior product and its characteristics: colour, texture…

Vriaza is the only company in southern Spain with the machinery and personnel qualified to carry out Satinising treatment on glass bottles and packaging.

Botellas mateadas, satinadas - Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)
Decoración de botellas de vidrio



Screen printing, special finishes and labels

At Vriaza we give glass packaging personality through different techniques and finishes, also providing the related packaging when needed.


Our partnership with Mesa12, allows us to count on high level professionals whose area of expertise is in the creation and development of images and designs related to the world of food and beverages.

Furthermore, being specialists in glass and glass treatment gives us the necessary experience to establish the best production option, which, linked first hand and from the beginning in the creation of the design, makes us much more efficient (in time and costs) and obtain much higher quality finishes.

Diseño de botellas y envases alimentación y bebidas Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)
Serigrafía en botellas y envases de vidrio- Teichenné - Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)

Screen Printing

Screen printing We develop and manage a finish as personal and attractive as silk-screen printing on glass bottles and containers. This treatment has great competitive advantages over other systems: 

Special finishes

Special Finishes the glass coating is used to provide an image to the glass bottle and/or container according to the quality and exclusivity of the content. We develop the most diverse finishes according to the requirements of our customers to all glass bottles and containers.
Terminaciones especiales botellas y envases de vidrio - Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)



Laser Engraving


Relief printing




We manage a large number of painting possibilities based on the colours and the finish that you want to give to the packaging: gloss, matt, total coverage, partial coverage. . .


Our partnership with Slogan Industria Gráfica, allows us to manage and guarantee the production of labels with the latest inks, papers and techniques, being able to choose from a large variety of manufacturing materials, as well as different printing systems.

Terminaciones especiales botellas y envases de vidrio - Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)
Venta de botellas y envases de vidrio



Production and sales of glass bottles and packaging

We manufacture and sell every type of glass bottles and packaging.

We develop and reproduce 3-D projects for new glass bottles and packaging with the complete assurance that the design developed can be subsequently manufactured.

We offer all of our clients a storage service, which allows us to store their bottles or packaging at our facilities until they can collect their products.

*We collaborate with European world class glass containers and bottles manufacturing companies for wine, cava, spirits, beers, soft drinks, water bottles, food containers, oil and juice bottles and preserving jars for olives and dairy products.