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Sustainable Development

These days, our consumer habits have changed, and we opt more and more for natural materials. We want packaging that is safer, healthier and more sustainable.

A sustainable product is kinder to the planet and to all of us who live here.

At Vriaza, we work with the premise of complying with applicable regulations and agreements adopted by the Administrations in all of our production processes, in which aluminium and glass, both highly sustainable materials, have a fundamental role.

Vida circular


The "circular" cycle of aluminium presents a great benefit for the environment, as well as a considerable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Vidrio material sostenible


Glass, the material underpinning our business, is 100% recyclable an infinite number of times, which reduces the extraction of raw materials and energy consumption.


100% Recyclable

The range of ECOVA products that Vriaza has in its catalogue, and of which we are proud of, is a clear example of working focused in protecting the environment without losing design and image

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