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The company's history dates to the beginning of the 20th century. Closely linked from it origins to the "La Jerezana" Bottle Factory (which opened on 5 July 1896), we began as a pressure-washing plant for bottles, sterilising them in preparation for a new use.

In the 40s, Diego Puerto, a person of influence in the Jerez area, acquires the company, giving it the commercial name Vidriería Jerezana. He boosts business by starting to treat glass packaging through a metallising system that was very innovative for its time.

In 1989, Vidriería Jerezana came into the hands not only of new social capital, but also of new human capital that believes in the business and with a great effort, personality and hard work, makes it a pacemaker in the glass industry in Spain, though the sale and the treatment (Metallising, Satinising...) of the highest quality packaging.

Today, the company is evolving, preserving that human capital of which we feel particularly proud, working on the future from the present.

At Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana), today is tomorrow.



Our team combines over 30 years’ experience with the enthusiasm and skill of a new generation. This is reflected in the service to our clients, offering them consultation and solution to any of their needs.

Esteban Magán

Esteban Magán

Miriam Magán

Miriam Magán

Finance Manager

Álvaro Herrera

Director of Operations

Javier Araco

Sales and Marketing Manager
Aurelio Zamora

Aurelio Zamora

Head of Production
Sergio Vázquez

Sergio Vázquez

Administrative Technician
Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)

Why choose

us ?

We become your ally to position your product and make it stand out from the competition.

  • Experts in Bottles and Packaging
  • This involves everything from sales, to design, decoration and special treatments, to even the storage and distribution of glass bottles and packaging. Therefore, we offer a true turnkey service.
  • Agreements with leading manufacturers
  • These alliances provide our company with a wide variety of models in our catalog, as well as a great capacity for response and innovation, being able to offer our customers a quality product, according to their needs.
  • Unique in southern Spain
  • We carry out Satinising and Metallising treatments internally with our own personnel and machinery. We can offer the best quality, agility and speed, and, of course, he most competitive prices.



Producción metalizado de botellas de vidrio- Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)
Almacenaje de botellas y envases de vidrio – Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)

At Vriaza our facilities are prepared to serve our clients, carrying out millions of orders a year. We have a large storage space and the right techniques and know-how to carry out the design and personalisation of products, as well as high-performance machinery that allows us to carry out the highest quality Satinising and Metallising treatments on glass bottles and packaging at our installations.

Producción mateado, satinado de botellas de vidrio – Vriaza (Vidriería Jerezana)

A company on the move

in a sector on the move

Vriaza ISO 14001, ISO 9001